Top organisation where Computer Scientists want to work

The social network Facebook has presented despite strong and ongoing criticism recently brilliant business figures. But the visibility of a company seems to influence potential applicants, even if the business is doing well. 

The American technology company is nowhere to be found among the 100 most popular employers of computer scientists. This is surprising because otherwise IT students would particularly like to work for technology companies.

The technology company Google seems to be doing something right in its external appearance because he is undisputedly the top employer for computer science students for years. Every fourth graduate wants to work there again this year. Behind them are the competitors Microsoft and Apple as well as the German software group SAP.

However, the edge of the IT service industry is melting: "We notice that it is losing potential applicants to other sectors," says Robindro Ullah, Managing Director of the consulting firm Trendence, which asked 6500 computer scientists this year about their career aspirations. 

Finally, every industry is currently looking for IT professionals. For example, Bosch, the all-purpose supplier, recently announced plans to create 25,000 additional software expert jobs over the next five years.

Most recently, the automobile manufacturers also took an offensive footing. BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen are also increasingly looking for computer scientists to make changes in mobility with a stronger focus on electric motors and their general change to platforms. 

They are all working more closely with technology companies, most recently all major manufacturers have partnered with companies such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google. Last year, for example, BMW was in first place with second place in favor of the graduates. 

This year, the Munich team is in fifth place. Trendence's experts explain this primarily because BMW is now looking for a very special and therefore smaller one Focus on groups of IT graduates. Close behind it follows Daimler, who improved from rank 9 and for the first time in more than ten years the competition of Audi could leave behind

Basically, the big names that promise a good salary and have a corporate structure, seem particularly attractive for graduates. Small businesses and SMEs, on the other hand, are rarely on the list, and it seems they find it difficult to attract talent. 

The constant presence with stalls on professional and specialist food shows, however, pay off for the public service, at least in the perception. The Federal Intelligence Service and the Federal Office for Information Security have ranked 14th and 15th ahead of companies such as Airbus, Volkswagen, Deutsche Telekom or Deutsche Bahn.

One in four IT students already has a job before graduating. The job situation for computer scientists is rosy and the competition for them accordingly hard. "It is no longer enough today to address students in the higher semesters. 

Employers need to establish and maintain a network of contacts with potential applicants in the first few semesters, preferably during school hours. The survey by Trendence is by far the largest survey in this country, a total of 55 000 students from business and science, computer science and engineering have given information

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