The tamed nature helps against work stress

Empirical studies have long since proven that when walking, the brain gets busy. Entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon) are known to make meetings "walking meetings" because walking around encourages creativity. The result will be those digital applications that, if in doubt, tie people to the screen for even longer.

But the rescue is approaching, or better: it's already here. Good old hiking helps to reduce stress and digital detoxification. This is the result of a study titled "Longing for nature in the digital meritocracy", which the research center Sotomo in Zurich has developed on behalf of the Swiss Tourism Association. 

It is based on a survey of 5300 people in Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The basic findings were that Germans and Swiss often feel stressed out - especially due to the demands in their working environment and their permanent accessibility. 

From this stress, the nature-bound confederates but comparatively little health impaired, because they spend more time balancing out than the residents of other countries outside.

For 72 percent of the Swiss surveyed, nature is the best place to relax, followed by relaxation at home with reading, watching TV or listening to music. 

"In the local snail shell, the family and maybe even work," said the Sotomo boss Michael Hermann. Among the Germans surveyed, however, the trusted home is the preferred resort but immediately followed by a trip to nature.

But what do people actually understand by "nature"? 

According to the survey, it was found across borders that this term is associated less with wilderness and adventure than with tamed alpine meadows, floodplains, and park-like landscapes. "A natural-looking nature appeals to people," says Hermann. Also, the accommodation must not be too sparse: "Warm water and a comfortable bed are very important."

 What the spoiled nature lovers but want to do without, is the cell phone. The willingness to digital detoxification grows with age. But also the young hare rabbits do not usually faint from fright, according to Hermann, when they get into a radio hole on the way. 

Despite the trend towards "digital detox", the smartphone is usually not left at home from the outset, explains Hermann with its function as orientation and emergency aid as well as a camera

According to findings of Marburger natural sociologist Rainer Brämer physicians, educators, psychologists and sports and humanities scholars like to walk. Economists and lawyers went jogging more because they care more about the athletic performance, said Brämer some time ago in an interview.

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