Engineers and Managers are playing to the job?

The games market is still on the rise. Because the generation of millennials, especially students of a technical university, the playful handling of content on the PC, the smartphone or the console has long been part of everyday life, it is trying to pick up potential junior staff from this pool with online games.

Computer games have become an important part of the entertainment culture. The industry has now developed well and established itself against the previously created "passive" entertainment arts such as the cinema or the theater.

recruitment gamification

The attractive thing about computer games in recruiting is the interaction and what you can learn about the applicants. It is not just about dexterity, hand-eye coordination or a targeted visual perception, rather the recruiter is interested in the competencies of the applicants.

Recruiting gamification

The technology is already in the starting blocks. "Serious gaming" or "recruitment through gaming" - whatever you call it, the fact that technical tools are used in the selection process is undisputed and already a reality.

But it is not just the technical prerequisite why "playing" is used. It's about interacting, entertaining and activating. Basically, this idea is not new, only in recruiting, this format is still quite fresh.

By navigating through streets or buildings, a spatial imagination can be tested. Skills such as quick decision-making, creativity or anticipatory planning as well as problem-solving skills are important decision-making criteria in the search for the perfect employee.

Teamwork, Tolerance and communication skills

After all, you want to be sure that the employee is doing a good job for the company. Many games are not played alone, but in teams, which can show teamwork, tolerance and communication skills. The handling of victory and defeat is also a challenge - how does the applicant deal with conflicts?

An outstanding campaign also launched Jaguar Land Rover in the search for the next generation of world-class Electronic & Software Engineers. As part of a completely new recruiting approach, a game was conceived in which the applicants became part of a larger whole, a story.

 Similar to a comic-style "Mission Impossible" assignment (designed by Gorlliaz), including a James Bond feeling, the participants were asked to put together an electric car and

You are not playing against a computer?

The intended applications with playful elements should make the recruitment process more efficient. Both companies and candidates save not only a lot of time in the application process in this way.

Both sides can already get a better idea in advance, whether the applicant really fits the job.
Algorithms can be an objective help and time in the first step in the selection process. Constantly improving products and processes can help in achieving every objectives.

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