6 vigorous thoughts of Swami Vivekanand on the Religion, God and his Country

According to Swami Ji, the basic unit of society was a man. Without his rise, he considered the rise of the country incomplete. His vision was that the real revival of the nation must begin with man-making. There should be a communication of power in man so that he can gain the ability to overcome human weaknesses and rise up through his qualities of love, self-control, sacrifice, service, and character.

6 vigorous thoughts of Swami Vivekanand on the Religion, God and his Country

Attacking Western ideology, he said clearly that "my belief is based on the truth of Vedanta that the soul of the world is one more omnipresent. Bread first and then religion. Millions of people are dying of hunger and we are putting religion in their minds. I do not believe in such religion and God, who cannot even place a piece of bread in the mouth of orphans. '

 He shook the religious thinkers and preachers of America and Europe present at the conference and said that 'India's first requirement is not religion. Their religions exist even in this fallen condition. The true disease of India is hunger. If you are friendly to India, do not send food to him.

At the Parliament of Religion in 1893, Swami Vivekananda filled the spirit of the world with his vigorous thoughts by planting the present on the past and the future on the present. Here we have listed the 6 vigorous thoughts of Swami Ji from his speech

1. Poverty to be the root of all sins:

Therefore, he gave a message to the world to build a society based on socio-economic justice and equality. He believed in doing more work than God-devotion and religious practice to remove the poverty of the poor. 

In a letter, he wrote that 'Where have you gone to God? Isn't God all this poor, sad and weak man? Why don't they do it first? ' He declared that "Poor is my friend." I love the poor. I respectfully adopt poverty. It is a pity to favor the poor. He used to emphasize that we must raise India, provide food to the poor and expand education. 

Swami Ji while addressing the people of India wrote in a letter from Chicago that remembers that the country is inhabited by slums, but mourning! Nobody did anything for those people. Swamiji was very sensitive about the poor. 

2. Worshiping God will not Make him Happy:

He established the 'Ramakrishna Mission' in memory of Guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa after his acceptance. The mission was intended to serve the poor, orphans, the helpless, and the patients. 

When he proposed this to the monks of the monastery, he was opposed. The ascetics argued that we ascetics should worship God and not fall into worldliness. Swami Ji was very seated with the answers of the ascetics. 

He said that you people think that sitting in front of God will make him happy and take his hand to heaven, then it is a mistake. Open your eyes and see who you have. Swamiji called the poor the poor Narayan. 

3. Serving the poor is the greatest religion:

He said that “You put your body, mind, and words in charity. You know, 'May you be a mother goddess, be a paternal god, that is, see God in your mother. See God in the Father 'But I say' May you be a poor God, be a foolish man. 

Treat the illiterate, immature and the victim as your god and know that serving them is the greatest religion. ' He believed that recognizing the truth of humanity is truly unshaken. The message of Vedanta is that if you cannot worship your Gods, that is, God, then how will you worship that God who is formless.

In a lecture, Swamiji said that as long as millions of people are hungry and ignorant, I consider every person who is educated on their strength and does not pay attention to them. He suggested that only these poor, illiterate, ignorant and miser should be considered as their God. Remember, their service is your ultimate religion. 

4. Equal distribution of wealth necessary for the upliftment of the common man:

 They were against the idea that money should be concentrated in the hands of a few people. Swamiji was concerned with the exploitation of India's resources by the British and considered it a major reason for India's plight. 

Swamiji wanted to develop agriculture and industry for the country's progress. He often advised that organizations like the Ramakrishna Mission should take up programs and projects to improve the condition of farmers struggling with poverty on a selfless basis.

5. Economic Development should not neglect the Moral Values ​​of the country:

Swami ji was a strong supporter of the opinion that India's industrial development should be preserved like Japan. They wanted indigenous industries to be established in the country. Once, he asked industrialist Jamshedji Tata, why do you sell matches here by selling matches from abroad for little profit? 

Swami Ji suggested that you set up a match factory and research institute in the country. The result of Swami Ji's suggestion was that Jamshedji Tata later established the 'Ty Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences'. 

He wished that the curriculum of higher educational institutions of India should include science and technology as well as Bedant philosophy. In his vision, there is a deep connection between life-based life and economic development. 

6. Education, self-improvement, welfare-focused organization and activity of action necessary to take India on the path of development:

 Swamiji loved the country immensely. On the return trip from Chicago, when he reached the shore of Sri Lanka on January 5, 897, he was told that the coconut and palm-trees which were seen on that side belong to India, Swamiji was so emotional It is said that onboard the ship itself, they started prostrating towards the motherland. 

He believed that physical science can give cosmic prosperity but spiritual science is necessary for eternal life. The ideal of spiritual thoughts gives real happiness to man. The competition of materialism leads to the unbalanced ambition of the person and the country towards final death.

Swamiji had made three predictions, two of which — India's independence and the labor revolution in Russia — have been proven true. Swamiji has made a third prediction that India will once again rise to great heights of prosperity and power. Swamiji's identity from the motherland was complete. 


I have mentioned significant thoughts of Swami Vivekanand on the concept of the human person, the purpose of human life and the meaning of God and the religion. To be fair, Swamiji's rise came at a time when countless mystics like Rajaram Mohan Roy for the social revival of India and Ishwarchand Vidyasagar for the development of education were communicating the new consciousness in Indian society. 

Swamiji, through his thoughts, woke up the power of self-righteousness and self-love for the sake of home country by flowing energy, which made the Indian people proud of knowledge, tradition, culture, and heritage.

Bhagini Nivedita, Swami's disciple, has expressed her involvement with the motherland, saying that 'Bharat has been Swami Ji's deepest affection, India beats on his chest, India is throbbing in his veins, India is his daydream, India is his It is pure, they are the blood-oozed body of India, they are India itself.

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