10 Easy Practices to Control your Anger " The Devil Inside You" !

In all the scriptures, his teachings are shown through the stories of God, man, and Devil. And those who do not believe in any religion and deny the existence of the devil, they believe so much that if devil happens then it is within the human being if you ask to see or feel then You can remember those moments when you expressed your anger for some reason or the other. Maybe you see a devil hiding inside you, maybe you feel guilt over your actions, but action cannot be changed. Therefore, we are giving you some remedies which will surely help you a lot in controlling your anger.

10 Easy Practices, Control your Anger, The Devil Inside You,

1. Control your first reaction:

If you are prone to getting angry quickly, chances are your first reaction will not be good. You might want to kick your car, punch a wall, or scream at someone. Instead of working on this initial response, ask yourself what you want to do, which is a good and productive thing. 

Take a minute, understand how you should actually work and think about what you can calm down.

Your first reaction can often be violent, destructive and completely irrational. Do not make things worse by giving this kind of response.

2. Leave the place and get away from the situation:

Getting away from a situation that creates anger will make you feel calm and it will also help in understanding things. Going out and focusing on nature can be even more useful. 

By walking you can immediately burn that negative energy and get away from the problem. If you are in the midst of a heated debate, then there is nothing wrong with saying that I am going for a walk. 

Remember, an immediate response is not required in most situations. You can often leave the room or building and give yourself time to calm down before anyone answers.

3. Spent your energy in dance:

When you are really very angry, you will feel lots of energy inside you, one thing that you can do to get your mood right is the dance. Whenever you feel angry, start dancing by singing to your favorite dance tune. This will eliminate your toxic impulses through external stimuli.

If this method really works on you, whenever you feel overwhelmed with anger, you can sing and dance your favorite song all the time.

4. Do a deep breathing exercise

Sit upright on a chair. Then slowly take a deep breath through your nose till the count of 6, then exhale until the count of 8 or 9, stop and repeat 10 times. 

Take slow and deep breaths. By maintaining this breadth, your high heart rate will come down. Your breath should be so deep that when you breathe in, your stomach becomes bloated.

5. Start counting down to 50:

By counting out loud or whispering within yourself, you will be able to calm down in less than a minute immediately. When you do this, to keep your body calm.

Try, so that the only thing you have to worry about is the numbers. By focusing on this simple and concrete task, you will be able to keep yourself away from your problem and also be able to face the problem.

If you are still angry, repeat the exercise, or start counting back to 100.

6. Set focus and 

Meditation can control your emotions. If you are feeling that you are going to lose control of your anger, give yourself a little mental relaxation through meditation. 

You will lot of negative thoughts but try to focus only on your breathing. Whatever is troubling you, remove it from your mind.

7. Remove yourself from anger:

You can do it on the roof, somewhere outside, or even in the bathroom.  To relax your mind, watch your body fill with a golden-white light when inhaled. 

When you exhale, watch your body leaving a dirty or black color. Make a habit of meditating every morning in the morning, even when you are not angry, it will make you feel calmer in general.

8. Listen to soothing music

Listening to any of your favorite singers can calm you down and get you in a good mood. You are definitely lost in your memories by listening to music you can feel good.

 It can calm angry or agitated people, even if they do not know the source of their anger. Classical music and jazz are particularly useful for calming people, but find what works above you.

9. Generate your positive thoughts

You can reduce your anger by focusing clearly on your positive thoughts. Close your eyes and remove every negative thought that comes your way and thinks of at least three positive things. 

Positive thoughts can be positive aspects of your worrying situation or thoughts of something you are willing to do or something that you can be happy with. 

Some examples of positive thoughts include I am strong enough to handle it. Challenging situations, there are opportunities to move forward. I will not feel angry forever; It is a temporary feeling.

10. Imagine a peaceful scene

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite place in the world, whether it is a beach where you used to go for a holiday in a small, or a beautiful lake where you used to visit during your teenage days. Doubt it can also be a scene where you have never been before; A forest, a field of flowers, or A beautiful landscape. Choose a place that will make you feel more peaceful immediately, and that your breath will quickly return to normal. Pay attention to every little bit. The more closely you look, the more you can dispel your angry thoughts.

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